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Latest News

City of St. Gabriel Network Configuration

Upon the awarding of a contract to maintain the technology network for the City of St. Gabriel, Connectivity Two Designs (C2D) took some time to analyze the current network configuration and proposed a project to clean the network environment.  Upon approval by the Mayor and his executive cabinet, C2D performed network wiring, computer reconfiguration and installation of upgraded network units to ensure a stable operating environment.  The current environment includes the City Hall Network (including Council on Aging) and the St. Gabriel Community Center.  The Mayor and his executive cabinet have plans to make additional technology improvements for the city in future budget years.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Network Installation

Shiloh was presented with a proposal to install a true church network to ensure reliability and security.  This effort with include some network wiring and installation of network equipment to ensure that unauthorized network access is minimized.

Southern Teachers and Parents Federal Credit Union (STPFCU)

A semi-agreement was entered into with STPFCU to provide desktop computers for the credit union.  After some work and analysis, C2D has suggested that perhaps the purchase and installation of new systems might cause double billing for the same equipment. Discussion has been entered into with the Eldridge Etienne (CEO) to suggest this arrangement would not be the best use of talent and resources.  We are currently negotiating to make C2D the technology consultants for the credit union system.

J K Haynes Elementary Charter School

C2D developed an assessment of the J K Haynes technology infrastructure in which several recommendations were made to improve the use of technology in the school system.  This assessment was reviewed with school management and approved as the means by which technology should be implemented in the J K Haynes complex.  These recommendations were included in a request for federal assistance that was approved for the 2013-2014 school year.  C2D looks forward to working this effort beginning in July, 2013.

Southern University Laboratory School Technology Improvements

The Southern University Laboratory School has applied for and received approval for federal assistance in improving its technology infrastructure.  C2D has been awarded the portion of the federal assistance that applies to network maintenance, email support, battery backup and Codex.  The aware approval period begins in July, 2013.


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